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The investment function of Douglas County (County) funds performed by the County Treasurer. It is the policy of the County to invest public funds in a manner which will provide a market rate of return commensurate with the primary objective of safety of principal, while meeting the daily cash flow demands of the County, and conforming to all Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) and County ordinances governing the investment of public funds.
This policy applies to all financial assets of the County that are overseen by the County Treasurer, including, but not specifically limited to, those assets held in the public interest in the County's fiscal capacity as well as those held in trust or agency capacity for other governmental entities. Should bond covenants be more restrictive than this policy, bond proceeds will be invested in full compliance with those restrictions.
Except for funds in certain restricted, special or trust or agency funds, Douglas County commingles its funds to maximize investment earnings and to increase efficiencies with regard to investment pricing, safekeeping and administration. Investment income will be allocated to the various funds based on their respective participation and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
Additionally, all funds overseen by the County Treasurer are accounted for in the County's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.