The Nevada Voters' Bill of Rights, as outlined in NRS 293.2546 and later codified in Article 2, Section 1A of the Nevada Constitution, includes the following provisions: 

Rights of voters. Each voter who is a qualified elector under this Constitution and is registered to vote in accordance with Section 6 of this Article and the laws enacted by the Legislature pursuant thereto has the right:     

1. To receive and cast a ballot that:     

(a) Is written in a format that allows the clear identification of candidates; and     

(b) Accurately records the voter’s preference in the selection of candidates.     

2. To have questions concerning voting procedures answered and to have an explanation of the procedures for voting posted in a conspicuous place at the polling place.     

3. To vote without being intimidated, threatened or coerced.

4. To vote during any period for early voting or on election day if the voter is waiting in line at a polling place at which, by law, the voter is entitled to vote at the time that the polls close and the voter has not already cast a vote in that election.

5. To return a spoiled ballot and receive another ballot in its place.

6. To request assistance in voting, if necessary.

7. To a sample ballot which is accurate, informative and delivered in a timely manner as provided by law.

8. To receive instruction in the use of the equipment for voting during any period for early voting or on election day.

9. To equal access to the elections system without discrimination, including, without limitation, discrimination on the basis of race, age, disability, military service, employment or overseas residence.

10. To a uniform, statewide standard for counting and recounting all votes accurately as provided by law.

11. To have complaints about elections and election contests resolved fairly, accurately and efficiently as provided by law.